About Us

MyBalance Fitness is group fitness training for women. From the new-to-fitness client to the weekend warrior trying to squeeze in extra miles on a treadmill, we can provide the right guidance and support for you.

Starting and maintaining a fitness routine can become challenging at any stage of life and at any level of fitness. Each chapter brings new obstacles. As women, we too often put ourselves at the bottom of our lists until the jeans are too tight, the joints a little achy or until our physicians give us a stern warning. It is at this point that we often try to force healthier habits to fit into our overloaded schedule. Let’s face it, as women, there isn’t much room for extras and this leaves us with few options: 30 days fasts, 21 day workout plans, 3 day cleanses, or going at it completely alone. Unfortunately, the majority of women will just succumb to the belief that they are “fine for now” and move their overall wellness back down the list.

At MyBalance Fitness, we strive to help you find ways to make and keep your overall wellness a priority. Our team is nationally certified and specifically trained to understand a woman’s body and meet you at YOUR starting point to help you reach and maintain your desired fitness level.

Are you ready to find YOUR balance?